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Best St Petersburg criminal lawyerIf you are in danger of facing criminal charges or possibly a conviction for a serious crime in Pinellas County, you need a criminal defense attorney at your side to fight for your rights and protect your freedom. Your choice in attorney can directly impact the outcome of your case in Pinellas County. No matter the charges you are facing or the specific circumstances of your case and the evidence against you, your case will boil down to your attorney’s skill both inside and outside of the courtroom. The legal system in Pinellas can be made to work in your favor – it just takes the right criminal defense team to ensure this happens.

St Petersburg AttorneyFinebloom & Haenel is a Pinellas County criminal defense law firm serving clients throughout the county from our offices in Clearwater, Florida (Satellite Office). We are proud to offer high quality legal representation and personalized service to all of our clients in Pinellas County as we guide them through the complex and emotionally trying procedure involved with any type of criminal case.

We welcome you to contact a criminal defense lawyer at our Pinellas Law firm for a free initial consultation of your case. Some of the types of criminal charges we defend include, but are not limited to: DUI, drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, traffic offenses, and domestic violence. We represent clients in all types of misdemeanor and felony cases, ranging from a relatively minor offense such as shoplifting all the way to murder.

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When faced with serious criminal charges, it is important to realize that the criminal justice system has safeguards in place to help prevent false imprisonment and the conviction of innocent people. However, your constitutional rights can still be violated and you may still face false accusations or even a conviction if you do not have a lawyer on your side to assert your rights through every step of your criminal case. Your right to legal counsel is described in the U.S. Constitution and should be utilized immediately. Whether you have been arrested, have been contacted by the police or are a suspect in a criminal investigation in Pinellas, you need a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

There is no risk or obligation to consulting a Pinellas County criminal defense attorney at Finebloom & Haenel. We offer a free case evaluation to give you the opportunity to have your questions answered immediately – so you can make the right choices about your legal counsel.

Contact Finebloom & Haenel today to discuss your charges with a skilled and dedicated attorney.

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