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A homicide is the killing of another person. When this is unlawful, it is often referred to as criminal homicide. Criminal homicide is typically divided into two categories, depending upon the intention of the offender and the circumstances of the offense. Murder is a criminal homicide that is preplanned and committed intentionally and with malice aforethought. The unlawful killing of another during the commission of certain felony offenses will also result in murder charges. Manslaughter is a criminal homicide that is usually accidental, unplanned or caused due to negligence.

Whether you are charged with murder or manslaughter will be crucial factor in your case. Manslaughter is a lesser charge and the terms of imprisonment or other penalties are much less than for murder. First degree murder, on the other hand, may result in a defendant facing the death penalty or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

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Finebloom & Haenel provides high quality legal representation for defendants facing murder and manslaughter charges throughout Pinellas County, Florida. We have offices located in Clearwater and offer a free initial consultation with a skilled criminal defense lawyer so you can better understand the legal process you are facing. We know that your future and possibly your very life may be on the line. We will never waver in our fight for your rights and freedom.

There are valid defenses to murder or manslaughter, and your Pinellas County criminal defense attorney can explore all of these on your behalf. Self defense is one of the main defenses to murder. If you were acting in the defense of yourself or others, this is what is called a justifiable homicide. In proving this, your attorney can help you avoid a conviction and therefore serious penalties.

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