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If you have an arrest on your criminal record, an expungement attorney can assist you in clearing this from public record. Your arrest may show up in background checks for employment or certain loans, limiting your opportunities and damaging your reputation. Many people approach Finebloom & Haenel for assistance in clearing their criminal records for peace of mind and a fresh start.

Contact a Pinellas County expungement lawyer at our firm today to find out if you qualify to have your arrest cleared from your record. You will not qualify for expungement if you were found guilty of a misdemeanor or felony offense, you plead guilty for the offense or if you have previously sealed or expunged an arrest record. An attorney at Finebloom & Haenel can usually determine fairly easily whether you may qualify and can then assist you in filing your expungement petition. By taking your case through the entire legal process, we can ensure that your expungement is carried out successfully and that you get the fresh start you deserve.

For additional information on expungement, please visit our Florida expungement website “Clear Criminal Records“. We have information regarding what crimes cannot be expunged, how to expunge criminal records, how to seal criminal records and the benefits of expungement.

Clearwater Expungement Attorney

If you would like to have a clean record show up on background checks and are interested in starting anew with a clean slate, contact our firm today. We can inform you of how expungement can benefit you, how the process works and what it entails so you are well-prepared. Our lawyers represent clients throughout all of Pinellas County from our offices in Clearwater.

Contact Finebloom & Haenel to discuss your matter with a skilled Clearwater expungement attorney.

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