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Did you know that if you receive a traffic citation and simply pay the ticket that this is essentially admitting guilt for the offense? Points will be assessed to your driving record, and you may face serious penalties in the future if you accumulate enough serious traffic violations on your record. Under Florida traffic law, you may even be labeled a Habitual Traffic Offender is you receive multiple serious traffic offenses.

The attorneys at Finebloom & Haenel provide experienced representation for all types of traffic cases throughout all of Pinellas County, Florida. Our offices are located in Clearwater (Satellite Office), and we offer a free initial evaluation of your case. Whether you were pulled over for DUI or received a citation for driving on a suspended license, an attorney at our firm can review your particular case in order to determine exactly how we can help.

Pinellas County Traffic Cases & Traffic Violations

Although some traffic cases are relatively minor and only a fine will be necessary if you are convicted, other traffic violations are extremely severe and may result in imprisonment, heavy fines, community service and driver’s license suspension. Fortunately, the skilled lawyers at our firm have the resources and the knowledge to competently handle these types of cases. A Pinellas County traffic attorney at our firm can thoroughly investigate your case and work with expert witnesses in order to exploit weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and therefore help you avoid a conviction for whatever traffic violation you have been accused of. We can also represent you at your DMV hearing if you are facing license suspension.

Find out more about how to fight your traffic casecontact a Clearwater traffic defense lawyer at our firm today!

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